Paper? Check! Markers? Check! The only thing is missing is your favorite Transformer!

On Sunday the 18th of June, between 12:00 hour and 16:00 hour, the artists will draw your favorite Transformers like you have never seen them before. And, for all visitors of B.O.T.S., this is Free of Charge! So bring your Big Bot to B.O.T.S. and return home happy with an awesome drawing!

“Destroy Autobot City!”

The 18th of June it's time for the "fastest" race in the Benelux, the Trypticon Race!

Is your Trypticon the fastest? Can your Trypticon beat last years winner and leave the rest biting the dust? Then bring him with you on the 18th of June to B.O.T.S. to enter in the Trypticon race! If you don't have a Trypticon but own a Gigastorm (Beast Wars remold van Trypticon), then you can bring him with you to enter the race.

“Crush Metroplex!”

Let us know in advance that you are participating in the Trypticon race by sending an e-mail to

De nieuwe trailer van Transformers: The Last Knight, is uit! And oh boy, what a treat!
Wat vind jij van de trailer? Waar kijk jij het meest naar uit?
Ben jij ook benieuwd naar de nieuwe toyline van The Last Knight?
Komt dan naar B.O.T.S. voor een exclusieve display de nieuwe toyline, mede mogelijk gemaakt door Hasbro Nederland!
The new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, is released! And oh boy, what a treat!
What do you think about the trailer? What are you looking forward to?
Wondering what the new toyline for The Last Knight will look like?
Then get yourself to B.O.T.S. for an exclusive display of the new toyline, made possible by Hasbro Netherlands!

Get ready - Transformers will be in theaters in just five weeks. Watch the new International Trailer now!

This year the Quiz will be returning to B.O.T.S.
Do you know everything about Transformers? Are you the number one fan? Then make sure you fill out a Quiz form and get all answers right.

During the raffle we will announce the winner of the quiz, who will get an awesome price.

Will you get a winning raffle-ticket?!
During B.O.T.S. there will be a raffle! During this raffle you will have a chance to win awesome prices!

How can you join the raffle?
That's easy! During B.O.T.S. you can get tickets for the raffle, the tickets are only one euro a piece. With these tickets you will have a chance to win awesome prices, with a Master Piece as first price! Which one? you'll have to wait and see that at B.O.T.S.!

Are you sure that you're coming to B.O.T.S. now? Then order your tickets at!