B.O.T.S. 2017 is over.

B.O.T.S. was a great succes with 3 rooms filled with dealers, kitbashers, artists, bugs, and of course, visitors!
And, there were a lot of prizes that were given to the winners of the challenges and in the raffle.
The B.O.T.S. 2017 crew would like to thank Hasbro Netherlands, Rein de Hengst B.V., Can Dance Studios, Universal Pictures, all dealers and the supporting crew of B.O.T.S. 2017 for their effort!
At last, we want to thank all the visitors of B.O.T.S. for an awesome day! Because without you, there would be no B.O.T.S.!

PS: Did you make pictures or movies during B.O.T.S. and posted them online? Then send us the links! We will place them on our website.

See you next year!

The award ceremony will start in 15 minutes!
So, if you have raffle tickets, of you entered the fan-art challenge, be sure you get to the stage!

Don't forget to drop of your fan-art at the entrance before 15:30 hours.
Make sure you put your name and address at the drawing.
The greatest fan-art will receive an awesome prize! And, your fan-art will be posted at our website!

The Trypticonrace will start in 15 minutes! If you entered in the contest, then make sure you are at the stage of 15:00 hours.
Did you buy a walking Trypticon today, and you want to enter it in the race? Then take your new haul to the stage and let us know you want to enter.

Have you bought your raffle tickets yet? There are awesome prizes this year! ...